Skinhead is a single release by The Protester on August 12, 2016. This track mark the return of Oi punks unit since hiatus in 2002, now they return to Indonesian local independent music scene.

Written in 2005 by Mad, the frontman of The Protester, this song was inspired by the story of immigrants and the oppressed of labor class in England in 1960s that triggered the emerge of sub culture of Oi street music.


1969 spirit flaming in our heart
United against all the difference
We are all have the same bond in struggling for our right
Working everyday and everynight

Tied up your boots
Remember the roots
We are the skinhead
Don’t forget your braces
Bash the fascist

We are the skinhead
Ooooo.. Marching on the streets
Ooooo.. With heart full of pride

Band: The Protester
Genres: Oi!
Year: 2016
Publisher: Ripstore.Asia
Type: Single
Format: Digital MP3 Download



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