Project Cyrios

Jakarta / Space Rock

Project Cyrios is a band with new mix of genres from all over the world. Their genres, which combine rock, trance and a visual imagination of music, are very unique.

The idea itself comes from a question about how to visualize a music, something that we usually heard, not seen, turn into something more interesting and imaginative. Some of the songs are semi-orchestral and full of background instruments. Finally, the band decided to put their genre to Visual-Trance Rock.

Project Cyrios was first formed in 2009, started with the name “Ancient Populations”, then changed to “Project Cyrios” at the end of 2009.
The name “Cyrios” came from a novel called “The Earth of Cyrios”. It is a planet which brings the future and happy livings, with no particular circumtances. And the mission is to launch the passengers from earth to Cyrios, as a purpose of changing the lives of humanity a better place. Then the band decided to name it as “Project Cyrios”.

The theme is so wide, depending on the album. But basically the theme is somewhere in the far future, something we usually heard in the space ship, a club in the space city, and some more like a high-speed adrenaline.

Project Cyrios’ main purpose is to reach the level of international and working together with the professionals.

Band Members:

Hessa Bastian (vocal, guitar)
Archie Arrahman (bass)
Gilang Prass (drum)
Lingga Ramadhan (synth)